Call for Applications - MTech Comparative Local Development 2018

07 September 2017

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS – MTech: Comparative Local Development at IERI

Institute for Economic Research on Innovation, Faculty of Economics and Finance

The MTech: Comparative Local Development is an interdisciplinary programme comprising the application of economics, law, sociology and politics to the analysis of local development. The programme seeks a holistic approach to local development and provides an integrated framework for analysis and intervention. The programme is directed primarily towards existing and future practitioners (from the public, private and civil society sectors), and is thus oriented towards direct application and real world impact.

The next cohort of programme which is offered by the Institute for Economic Research on Innovation (IERI) will commence in February 2018 and run over a minimum of two years. The maximum time allowed to students to complete the MTech programme and graduate is 3 years.

In order to qualify for the programme candidates have to comply with the following requirements:

* Be in possession of an accredited four-year university degree (with majors in at least one of economics, law, politics or sociology), or an equivalent qualification;

* Be fluent in English and computer literate;

* Submit a written essay of 2500 words on the subject of comparative local development; and

* Demonstrate congruence of experience and motives with the nature of the programme.

Selection criteria: Admission is subject to selection.

Closing date for applications: 17 November 2017

For further information, please consult and contact:

Lucas Madia Senior Administrator (IERI)

Tel: +27 12 3823073


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